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Rudford and Highleadon Parish Council

Rudford and Highleadon Parish Council

Rudford and Highleadon Parish Council held an on-line meeting on September 28 2020, attended by all Councillors and two members of the public. At the meeting:

  • Councillors noted the outcome of a number of recent planning applications in the parish
  • Councillors expressed their disappointment that the empty property in Buttermilk Lane remains in a derelict state but that there is no further action that the Parish Council is able to take
  • Councillors discussed the ongoing work with the County Council to improve the access to the bus stops at Whitehall Lane (from Church Lane) and at Trioscape (from Upleadon Road) and agreed to build some financial support for these projects into their budget for 2021 to 2022, to be set at the next meeting
  • Councillors have made arrangements to meet with the County Council Highways Officer to explore how to improve the safety of Park Road, Highleadon, where passing vehicles are going onto verges and damaging the walls outside homes
  • Councillors agreed their response to recently received correspondence
  • the Clerk reported on alternative options for a renewed website, which will be taken forward
  • Councillors discussed the recent water leak in Church Lane and were reassured to learn that it was about to be repaired and that a long term solution was in sight
  • Councillors expressed their frustration that both the A417 and B4215 had recently been subject to night-time closures at the same time. County Councillor Robinson reported that he had tried to have this changed but his concerns were over-ruled


The minutes of the meeting can be found on the Parish Council meetings tab on this website.


The Council’s next scheduled meeting is on Monday, November 23 – details of the agenda and location will be published in the week before the meeting. 

You can find the minutes of recent Parish Council meetings under the 'Parish Meetings' tab of this website.  If you can't find what you are looking for, or need to contact the Parish Clerk or a Councillor, please use the contact details on the 'Your Councillors' page, or the 'Contact' tab on this website.