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For information on the annual audit for the year ended 31st March 2019 please go to the 
Annual Returns and Governance Statement page.

Planned road closure of the B4215 February to July 2019

13 May:  Severn Trent have announced that they will not need to make a full closure of the road.  There will be a meeting at the Village Hall on Thursday 27 June to explain their plans in more detail.

Severn Trent will be sending a letter to all households in the next few days, which includes the following:

This map illustrates the two projects that are planned - full copies and an explanation will be at the meeting on 27th June.

This map shows the route from Highnam to Trioscape:

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that there is currently one vacancy in the

Office of Councillor for the above Parish Council

The Parish Council is able to fill the vacancy by co-option, rather than a formal election process.

If you are interested in serving as a Parish Councillor, you will need to submit an expression of interest by 5.00 p.m. on 15thJune 2019. Supporting statements are encouraged, on no more than one side of A4, detailing why you would be interested in becoming a Parish Councillor.   Expressions of interest should be submitted to the Clerk of the Parish Council, via email to

Candidates are reminded that, to be eligible for co-option on to the Parish Council, they must satisfy the standard election qualification criteria. Please contact Forest of Dean District Council’s Elections Team if you need any guidance on this aspect 

It is hoped that the co-option will be dealt with at the Parish Council’s next Meeting, which is to be held at 7.30 p.m. on 29thJuly 2019, at the Rudford and Highleadon Village Hall. Candidates are invited to attend.


Belinda Holder


Rudford and Highleadon Parish Council

Rudford and Highleadon Parish Council



At the Council meeting , Rudford and Highleadon Parish Councillors:

·       reelected Bob Wolfson as Chair and Mark Deane as Vice-Chair of the Council.  The other Councilllors are Robert Heigham, Hannah Mawson, Sten Salisbury and Ian Turner

·       agreed to advertise the one vacancy on the Council for cooption

·       learned that Severn Trent has changed its plans for the closure of the B4215 and will be holding a public meeting to explain their revised plans

·       were updated on the District Council’s plans to pursue enforcement issues regarding illegal building works in the Parishes

·       learned that Gloucestershire Highways will take forward improvements at Highleadon turn by removing the ‘serrated’ section and putting in a longer kerb on the opposite side, and will improve the kerb opposite the end of Buttermilk Lane

·       will hold a site meeting including local residents to investigate further erecting a bus shelter for northbound travellers at Highleadon turn

·       decided to take further the possibility of clearing the area at the corner of Buttermilk Lane and planting commemorative trees there – see below

The full draft minutes are available on the Council’s website:

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday July 29 at 7.30pm at Rudford & Highleadon Village Hall, Rudford.  The other dates for 2019 meetings will be  23 September and 25 November



Rudford and Highleadon Parish Council have been discussing a proposal to create a grass area with specimen trees at the entrance to Buttermilk Lane, between the Village Hall and the B4215, and alongside the B4215 north of the bus stop. We have contacted the County Council to seek their permission to do this, as the land is in their ownership.


The initial idea was to make it something of a centre to the village and to commemorate a notable national/royal event.  Since then, it has been suggested that it could also be an opportunity for residents to commemorate a person or event in their lives by donating a tree.  The Council has in mind to plant  mature trees, rather than saplings.  At this stage, £500 has been allocated towards the project from the Council’s funds (ie paid for by residents), though it is hoped that volunteer labour and donations will reduce this sum.


Before the Council discusses it further at their meeting on July 29th, Councillors would welcome the views of local people on the proposals above, either by talking to one of the Councillors, listed above, or by e-mail to the Chair or Clerk.



You can find the minutes of recent Parish Council meetings under the 'Parish Meetings' tab of this website.  If you can't find what you are looking for, or need to contact the Parish Clerk or a Councillor, please use the contact details on the 'Your Councillors' page, or the 'Contact' tab on this website.