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Rudford and Highleadon Parish Council


For information on the annual audit for the year ended 31st March 2019 please go to the 
Annual Returns and Governance Statement page.

The Parish Council will meet at 7.30 on Monday 21 October to discuss the Forest of Dean District Local Plan 2021-2041.  All residents are welcome to attend.

Rudford and Highleadon Parish Council




At the Council meeting , Rudford and Highleadon Parish Councillors:

·       learned from Councillor Burford about the District Council’s consultation on the Local Plan 2021-2041 and agreed to organise a separate meeting to respond to it

·       discussed the impact of the work that Severn Trent has been doing alongside the B4215 

·       were updated on the District Council’s continuing plans to pursue enforcement issues regarding illegal building works in the Parishes

·       received a report on the site meeting to investigate erecting a bus shelter for northbound travellers at Highleadon turn, and agreed to make a decision on this matter at the November meeting

·       further discussed the possibility of clearing the area at the corner of Buttermilk Lane and planting trees there and on the south side of the B4215 north of the bus shelter, and resolved to apply for a grant for the cost of trees.  Councillors also agreed that such work should be confined to the area between the watercourse and Buttermilk Lane on the northbound side and to commit a maximum of £150 of Council funding towards the project. We would welcome views on this revised proposal before our next meeting at the end of November, when we will revisit the proposal.  If you want to e-mail comments, please send them to

·       discussed how to address concerns about speed of traffic in Whitehall Lane. Councillors plan to distribute a briefing note on speeding issues and a map of the Lane to residents and to aid delivery drivers, while continuing to liaise with the County Council on signage and other measures.

·    learned that here is now a digital map of Public Rights of Way footpaths by GCC is available on line at

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Monday October 21 at 7.30pm at Rudford & Highleadon Village Hall, Rudford to discuss the District Council's draft Local Plan.  The next regular meeting of the Council will be on Monday November 25.



You can find the minutes of recent Parish Council meetings under the 'Parish Meetings' tab of this website.  If you can't find what you are looking for, or need to contact the Parish Clerk or a Councillor, please use the contact details on the 'Your Councillors' page, or the 'Contact' tab on this website.