Spring is here!

Save the date for 
"Rallye for a Cure!"
May 30, 2015
Our first two years,we raised over
$20,000 to benefit
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!

Parade Laps time has just been provided by the Jaguar Club who has the track for the day!  See the schedule on the registration page!

 Please join us for our third annual "Rallye for a Cure"
8:30 a.m.
Saturday, May 30, 2015!

The "Rallye for a Cure" is a grassroots event whose mission it is
to celebrate classic and vintage sports cars and their enthusiasts,
while raising awareness and funds to benefit
JDRF's mission to treat, prevent, and cure Type 1 Diabetes.

The Rallye invites all car enthusiasts to participate in a fun-filled day for the entire family! Owners of vintage, classic, sports, and modern cars are all invited to join in the fun of this Game-Tour-Adventure (GTA) Rallye. Each Rallye team consists of a driver and a navigator in one car. During the drive, navigators will be asked to record information about the route in the style of a "scavenger hunt," making the Rallye fun for all ages. The Rallye welcomes drivers and navigators of all experiences and family members of all ages. 

The Rallye will begin at Jaguar Hartford in Hartford, CT. Enjoy a complimentary breakfast, courtesy of Jaguar Hartford. Come view the cars, talk to other car lovers, and bid on some exciting auction items (preview these items, as they come in, on the Awards and Auction Items link on this site). Then it's off on our Game-Tour-Adventure Rallye to Lime Rock Park!

100% of all funds raised from this event benefit JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and its mission to prevent, treat, and cure Type 1 Diabetes. The registration fee is tax-deductible. 

Individual team registration is $100.00 per vehicle (two-member teams).

Marque team registration is $200.00 per vehicle (represent your club and car marque).

The registration fee includes:

  • Complimentary Breakfast at Jaguar Hartford at the Start of the Rallye
  • Participation in the 2015 Connecticut Vintage and Classics Sports Car "Rallye for a Cure"
  • A Delicious Lunch at Lime Rock Park
  • Professional Photo of your Team and Car (photos will be available for download on this site after the event)
  • Acknowledgement of your Tax-Deductible Donation 
  • Enjoy Parade laps on the Lime Rock track
  • Attendance at the Awards Ceremony
  • Eligibility for Prizes and Awards 
  • Enjoy vintage racers at Lime Rock Park where the Jaguar club is on the track for he weekend.
  • Knowledge that you have helped a worthy cause!

Prizes will be awarded to special classes of cars:

  • Vintage Car (cars built prior to 1963)
  • Classic Car (cars built between 1963 and 1989)
  • Modern Car (cars built between 1989 and 2015)
  • Club Car (a single representative of the specific make of a vehicle or marque. Ex: one car that represents the Jaquar Club)
  • Corporate Car (a single representative of a company. Ex: D&J Motors)

Prizes will also be awarded to special teams:

  • Novice: those teams who have participated in fewer than 3 events
  • Seat-of-Your-Pants: those teams who wish to compete without the use of smart phones, special odometers, calculators, tablets, etc.
  • Multi-generational Team: drivers and youth navigators (under 18 years of age) 
 2015 "Rallye for a Cure" Registered Teams
 Driver/ Navigator  Team Name/Car    Driver/ Navigator   Team Name/Car
D -Jack Wright
Abingdon Jack
1960 MGA
  D - Greg Mandas
Healey Magic II
1965 Austin Healey 
3000 MK III
D- Mike Vesel
N - Shirley Vesel
 Too Lost Souls
2011 Mercedes
  D- Richard Farrell N- Gail Farrell     Lulu & Joe 2012 Ford Mustang
D- Doug Simpson
N - Donna Simpson    
The Crusaders
1988 Mercedes
560 SEC
  D- Ray Millette N - Duane Fish
1950 Bentley
D- Jud Perkins
N - Pat Duncan
Healey Magic
1965 Austin Healey 
3000 MK III
  D- Kenneth Mull
N - Nancy Mull
 The Parental Unit
1963 Morgan 
D- Paul Frickenhaus
N - Kayla Hushin
1997 BMW

D- Gary Dabrowski
N- Kathy Dabrowski
Gary's Mistress
1974 MG
D- Robert Prescott-Walker N - Christine Prescott-Walker
3 Jags Prescott
1968 MG
B Roadster
  D- Erwin Dressel
N- Ellen Dressel    

 2011 Corvette
D- Jim Foote
N - Lauren Foote
2008 Mercedes Benz
SLK 350
  D- Joseph Pikula
N- Kristen Pikula
Team Pikula
1999 Porsche
D- Joe Novak
N- Dot Novak
  D- Jeremy Novak
N- Amy Champagne

Saturn Vue
D- Amy Novak-Garvin
N- Gary Garvin

2015 Jeep 
  D- Todd Polley
N - Hayden Polley    
Dad and the Boy
1965 Factory Five
D- Carl Carvell
N - Amy Carvell
Austin Healey Club of New England
1967 Austin Healey
3000 MKIII
  D- Daniel Carriero N- Brad Carriero Father & Son 1979 MG B
D- Al Nosenzo
N- Cheryl Nosenzo
The Middletown Meanderers
1957 MG
 D - Sam Polito 
N- Shari Polito
Team Kristen
1974 MG
D- Scott Sanislo 
N- Mary Sanislo
Mary's MGB
1980 MG
  D- Dutcha Slieker-Hersant 
Dutcha's Team
MKI 3000
D- Matt Rousseau N- Angie Rousseau
Bavarian Classic
1988 BMW
325 IC
  D- Larry Lefebvre
N - Karen Corbin
Little 1
2012 Mercedes 
D- Richard Blum
N - Sarah Blum
Pace with Grace
2005 Jaguar
  D- Ben Shey
N - Noah Johnson
AGR Memorial
1978 Volvo
D- Bob Christensen
N- Linda Christensen
The Caboose
2005 Ford
  D- Andy Bardon
N- Tom Bardon
Transistor Buddies
1974 Triumph
D- Leonard Bach
N- Carolyn Bach
AHCA-New England 
1965 Austin- Healey
  D- Joe Smith
N- Diana Smith
Mackenzie's Butterflies
1960 Austin-Healey
Bugeye Sprite
D- Gary DeMichele N- TJ DeMichele
Thelma J
2009 Volkswagon
  D- Jon Day
N - Beth Day
The Dark Siders
1978 MG
D- Robert Peplow N- David Hill
Nader's Revenge
1965 Corvair
Corsa Convertible
  D- Steven Thurston N - Sara Thurston
 Time Traveling Blue Penguins
1962 Triumph
Spitfire MK IV
D- Mike Barglowski N- Kayla Barglowski  Team Barglowski 1976 Triumph TR6      

        Jaguar Hartford Sponsors 2015 "Rallye for a Cure"      


Jaguar Hartford is a Platinum Sponsor again
this year! Jaguar Hartford (133 Leibert Road, Hartford) will host a car gathering for the start of the Rallye, as well as treat us to a complimentary breakfast. We are very happy to work with Jaguar Hartford and the Valenti Hartford group once again as they expand their offering to include Maserati, Fiat, and coming soon.. Alfa Romeo!


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