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Welcome to the Quantum-Classical Molecular Dynamics (QCMD) home page by PD Dr. Burkhard Schmidt who is associated to the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Group headed by Prof. R. Klein, within the Scientific Computing Activities at Freie Universität Berlin. Research activities are in the field of molecular dynamics simulations of light-driven processes with computational models based on classical and quantum dynamics, or a combination thereof.

17 + 20 = 21

Why that equation? Because combining knowledge from the 17th century (classical mechanics) with physics from the 20th century (quantum mechanics) may prove helpful to solve problems in the 21st century (hybrid quantum-classical mechanics).  Or in the words of Niels Bohr (in a letter to Wolfgang Pauli, Dec 11, 1924):

... aber wenn es auch von einem logischen Standpunkt aus gesehen vielleicht ein Verbrechen ist, muss ich gestehen, dass ich nichtsdestoweniger davon überzeugt bin, dass der Schwindel des Vermischens der klassischen Theorie und der Quantentheorie sich noch auf viele Weisen beim Aufspüren der Geheimnisse der Natur als fruchtbar erweisen wird ...

... but even though from a logical point of view it might be a crime, I have to confess that I am nevertheless convinced that the swindle of intermingling classical and quantum theory will prove fruitful in many way in tracking down the secrets of nature ...

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