Quaboag Regional Emergency Planning Committee 
"Working to Preserve Our Community and Its Resources"
Member communities include the towns of Brimfield, Brookfield, Hampden, Holland, Monson, Palmer, Wales, Warren, West Brookfield and Wilbraham.




This Regional Emergency Planning Committee is committed to creating and maintaining a Regional Hazardous Materials Plan, pursuant to SARA Title III, SERC and the Emergency Planning and Community Right To Know Act. Our priority is to minimize the risk to public safety, health, and property damage. Our objectives are to build a Regional Hazardous Materials Response Plan and a database of resources, equipment, and personnel that we can draw upon in an emergency. We seek to provide assistance in the coordination of our response to, and the control and mitigation of Hazardous Materials Incidents, involving member Towns and Cities, and to see the continuous improvement of our Hazardous Materials Response Plans. This will be accomplished through the sharing of information on transportation routes, vulnerable populations (such as schools, hospitals, etc.) and key at risk facilities (such as water, sewer, etc.). We will also include an "All Hazards" approach to our mission. These combined efforts are directed at ensuring a structured and timely response to All Hazards and any Hazardous Materials Incident within the region above.




The Committee is made up of representatives from the following sectors:

*Elected state or local officials

*Law enforcement, emergency management, fire fighting, health, local environmental, hospital and transportation personnel.

*Broadcast and print media

*Community groups

*Owners and operators of facilities subject to the requirements of Title III of SARA

*Members of business and industry