The Purple Turtle began as a dream by a very entrepreneurial and visionary man named Lloyd Ash.  Through his courageous and dedicated efforts, coupled with his wife Linda, the Purple Turtle opened its doors in January of 1968.  Four days after opening, a young high school senior by the name of Clark Evans started working at the Purple Turtle and began his career in the fast food business, later purchasing the Purple Turtle in 1979.  Thanks to Lloyd, Linda and Clark, along with numerous employees, their enthusiasm and hard work, in addition to the Purple Turtle's unique location and old fashioned approach to quality, the Purple Turtle grew in fame and popularity.  Steve Cobbley, a veteran employee who is now responsible for the day to day operations, and who became a business partner in 2005, has also become a major contributor for the what the Purple Turtle is today.

Since 1968, hundreds of individuals have worked at the Purple Turtle, many from the same families.  Now years later, the Purple Turtle continues to employ children and grandchildren of earlier employees.  It has become a tradition with many families and is regarded as a blessing.  The Purple Turtle sincerely strives to stress the importance of hard work, the proper setting of priorities, and the development of personal and customer service skills.  The Purple Turtle feels it is a great place to begin a working career.