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This website got blocked at my school.

That's an oof on your end, unfortunately.

If it is blocked, contact your school about it and hope for an unblock, or look for a workaround for the block.

I cant run flash!

Here is our only solutions to this problem:

1. If your browser asks if you want to run flash (it should be located on the URL Bar) click Allow and remember, or anything similar to that. It should work from there.

2. Update Flash Player.

3. If flash player is not installed on your computer, install it then.

I want to add a game to the site!

I want to report this game.

We would reject your report if its not as inappropriate. Read the form for more information. 

Games are taking too long to load!

Friendly reminder that if this happens IT IS NOT OUR FAULT. 

If you are experiencing this issues, your WiFi signal is slow or weak, the network router is just bad (prediction), or Google's servers are having a stroke.