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About Us/Terms of use

I created this website (Best Unblocked Games) for a reason, that being plain and simple: To let school students have fun when they are at a computer. Well, this site was originally made when i was in 5th grade when i really loved playing unblocked games. In 6th grade i showed my website to my friends and we had a great time. Its actually quite shocking considering the fact I get around 9k+ visits each day on my website. Pretty impressing don't ya think?

So lets just ask, why is my site better than others?

Over time we add games and more, and most important of all, we listen to YOU. No flashy Google Site themes, no annoying advertisements, we keep it nice and simple. You heard that right, we are ADVERTISEMENT FREE! No ad blockers are needed here, because we are a advertisement free zone.

If you would like to add a game, go to the Request game forum in the FAQ link, which is pinned on our website. It also contains troubleshooters if you run into trouble with Flash, etc.

DO NOT DELETE COOKIES! No cookies, No game progress/saves.

Terms Of Use

Best Unblocked Games: Terms of Use

I. Cookies

Many flash games (files ending with .swf) can store information on your computer in the form of cookies. By playing our games, you allow these cookies to be stored on your system and your game progress.

II. Tracking

Certain tasks may track your IP address. Don't worry, we guarantee that your personal info will not be given to any third party without your consent.

III. Ownership

We do not take any ownership of our games, ownership goes to the creators of the games.