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★Featured Games★

Welcome to the Featured Games page! Here on the Featured games page, We will have select games featured right here, which will be changed eventually.
    Page Created on Aug 16, 2017

Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning
This game is pretty good in my opinion.
This game is a horror game, but in this game if you get a
math problem wrong, you get chased! You have to try to escape the school with 7 notebooks!

Click here to play!

Grow Cube
Grow Cube a puzzle game where you have to take a shot
at getting your cube island at max levels. How will your island turn out
at the end? A block of dirt or a golden paradise?

This game has a sequel by the way. Its named Grow Island.
If you would like to try it out, its on our website.

Its christmas over here. In its story, you see a kid on christmas without her mom.
You write a note to Santa to bring her mom, make it a paper airplane, and throwing it to santa.
But.. where does it go? Help the paper airplane to its destination by purchasing upgrades for
every attempt! More attempts, more money. Use the money to buy upgrades and such.

Click here to play!

Maze Race 2
In my opinion, i actually like this game and its quite addictive.
In this game, you are racing against a ladybug in a maze. You use powerups
as your advantage and get to the cookie before the other ladybug gets it.
Who's getting the final snack? Probably you.

Mario Combat
Fight the koopas in Bowser's Castle! Punch, Kick, and karate the hell outta
bowser and his castle. Who is going to win at the end? Bowser and his minions
or Mario aka you?