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Important Announcement

In 2020, Flash is going to end support. This means alot of popular sites like these will be gone
because selected browsers such as Chrome and Firefox will no longer support Adobe Flash Player.
Unsure if there is a way to keep using flash in 2020, but that answer is unknown.

Alright, this time im actually going to try and fix the broken links on this site.

10/21/18 (Edited)
Hey! Its been a while. I took a break from google sites for a pretty long time, but now i am back.
I am now going to continue fixing up the games that do not work, and BIG SURPRISE!
Our Virtual Console page, introduced in 2015 as a coming soon teaser is almost finished!
Please give feedback!

Today i am officially releasing the update section of our website. I used to have one along time
ago but that was for something different. I will try to find those old updates and place em
here MAYBE but now this is the updates.