Here are the useful links we've found. Please send us more at

Korean Society for Thoracic Radiology: Hundreds of image-driven cases with brief explanations. Full of esoterica and challenging even for the most experienced.

FSFB-CIDER: Excellent self-driven online tutorials, well-suited for fellows and fun to use.

RadioGraphics journal's chest radiology library: 150 full-text papers including excellent reviews on TB, ILD and many other topics from the Radiographic Society of N. America. : Helpful self-test, includes comprehensive online textbook on lung cancers; cumbersome interface.

McGill U. quizzes : Interesting & useful interactive tests.

Loyola U. CXR quizzes : Good images; interactive; slightly cumbersome interface but worth the effort. 

UVa CXR in the ICU tutorial: Addresses interpretation of ICU CXRs specifically. Medium-quality images.

U. of Miami CXR tutorial: Good anatomy lesson, with a nice Flash interface.

RSNA / AFIP: Image library from RSNA & the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.

Society of Thoracic Radiology: Video lectures on topics in chest radiology, aimed at a radiologist audience.