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In 2009 there was a serious feeling among the University librarians that like other forums there also should be a representative forum for Librarians on the University Campus Peshawar. For this purpose a meeting was called my the founders of this association Mr. Muhammad Tahir, Librarian, NCE in Phys. Chem.,Pesh. Univ. and Mr. Abdul Ghafoor, Chief Librarian, KMC/U at the Library, National Centre for Excellence in Physical Chemistry, University of Peshawar on April 21, 2009. Librarians from all the educational Institutions of the whole University Campus participated in the meeting and unanimously proposed
the name for the forum as “ Peshawar Universities Campus Librarians Association (PUCLA).

It  was  also  decided  that  a  representative  set up  for  the  Association  would  be  elected  or  selected  each  year  for  the  period  of  one  year  from  January  to  December  and   agreed  upon  the first  representative  set up  for  the  Association  comprising  of  office  bearers  and  other  executive members  mentioned  below :


President :                               Mr. Muhammad  Tahir , Librarian,  NCE  in  Phys. Chem.,Pesh. Univ.

Vice  President :                      Mr. Faridullah  Shah, Librarian,  Agricultural  University.

General  Secretary :                 Mr. Tahir  Jan,  Librarian, Central  Library  University  of  Peshawar.

Joint  Secretary :                      Mr. Zakria , Librarian, Islamia College  University.

Finance  Secretary :                 Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad, Librarian, Engineering  University.

Executive  Member :               Mr. Attaullah, Chief  Librarian, Agricultural  University.

Executive  Member :               Mr. Ibrar  Muhammad, Chief  Librarian, Central  Library , Pesh. Univ.

Executive  Member :               Mr. Abdur  Rashid , Chief  Librarian,  Engineering  University.

Executive  Members :              Mr. Sajjad  Hussain, Chief  Librarian, Islamia College  University.

Executive  Member :               Mr. Abdul  Ghafoor, Chief  Librarian, KMC/U.

Executive  Members :              Mr. Jannat  Naeem,  Librarian, Institute  of  Archeology  & Ethnology, UOP.