There  was  a  serious  feeling  among  the  University  librarians   that  like  other  forums  there  also  should   be  a  representative  forum  for  Librarians  on  the  University   Campus   Peshawar. For  this  purpose  a  meeting  was  held  at  the  Library,  National  Centre  for  Excellence  in  Physical  Chemistry,  University  of  Peshawar  on  April 21, 2009.  Librarians   from  all  the  educational  Institutions  of  the  whole  University  Campus  participated  in  the  meeting  and  unanimously  proposed  the  name  for  the  forum  as  “  Peshawar  Universities  Campus  Librarians Association (PUCLA) “ and established the same under Article 17(1) of the constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan,1973.   Following  aims  and  objectives  were  framed  as well  for  the  Association :


1.        Resolving various professional issues and safeguarding the legitimate rights of the members of Association.

2.        Professional development of Universities Campus librarians through organizing trainings,Workshops,Confronces and Seminars etc on various aspects of the librarianship including the latest Library technologies.

3.        Promoting good fellowship, brotherly relations and mutual understanding among the members of the Association through organizing social and cultural activities.

4.        Cooperating with the local, National and International library organizations in furthering the cause of Librarianship.