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Will Peshall

Event: String 4/5
Club: Winchester Tennis and Squash club
Will also likes Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Football, Swimming, Running, Kayaking and Surfing.
His best sporting memory is the Ashes in 2005. His best sporting achievement is hitting 3 sixes and 2 fourss off one over.
In the PSC Squash Team Will thinks that Jacob Blair is the funniest, Tim Bailey is the fastest and Jon Carter is the most skillful.
At college he studies Biology, English Literature, Georgraphy and Psychology.
Will's favourite music is The Smiths, Morrisey, The Stone Roses, The Cribs, Modest Mouse, Interpol, Pulp, Oasis, Talking Heads, The Rakes, Joy Division, Radiohead, Elbow, System of a Down and The Cure.
He also enjoys music, reading and the gym.
Will's personal heroes are Morrisey and Brian Lara.