Fixtures 2010-2011

The fixtures cancelled from the snow day last friday will be held instead on the 28th of January.
Group A Group B Group C Group D
A1  Average Joes B1   Schouse Army C1  Big & Tasty D1  All Stars
A2  Southern Rage B2   AFC C2  KFC D2  Botley Babes
A3 Hot Pot of Coffee B3   Ginger Ninja FC C3  The Comets D3  Stinky Pete's
A4 Sub-Standard Liege B4   Bread C4  Flodge D4  Charles N'Zogbia FC
September 24th  1.00pm A1 v A2    6-4 November 19th 1.00pm C1 v C3   2-2    
  1.25pm A3 v A4    0-6   1.25pm C2 v C4   1-0  
October 1st 1.00pm  B1 v B2    8-1 November 26th 1.00pm D1 v D3   2-7  March 4th 1.00pm QF3
  1.25pm  B3 v B4    0-12   1.25pm D2 v D4   7-2   1.25pm QF4
October 8th 1.00pm  C1 v C2    4-7 January 28th 1.00pm A2 v A3  March 11th 1.00pm QF1
  1.25pm  C3 v C4    4-1   1.25pm A1 v A4    1.25pm QF2
October 22nd 1.00pm  D1 v D2  0-5w/o December 10th  1.00pm B2 v B3  5-0 w/o March 25th 1.00pm SF1
  1.25pm  D3 v D4   3-2   1.25pm B1 v B4  0-5 w/o   1.25pm SF2
November 5th  1.00pm  A1 v A3  3-2 February 4th 1.00pm C2 v C3  April 1st 12.40pm 3rd place match
  1.25pm  A2 v A4  3-1   1.25pm C1 v C4     1pm  FINAL
November 12th 1.00pm B1 v B3   5-1 February 11th 1.00pm D2 v D3 
  1.25pm B2 v B4   1-5   1.25pm D1 v D4 
Fixture Dates are subject to change: Please keep an eye on the activities website and the noticeboard outside the sportshall.
Top two teams from each group qualify. In group stages 3 points for a win
1 point for a draw. Teams level on points will be seperated by 1) goal difference
2) Goals scored. 3) Matches won. 4) A play off will be arranged.
In knockout stages drawn matches will be decided by penalties.