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WhatsApp for PC free: how to download and install on your computer

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WhatsApp for PC : I’ll show you how To download and install WhatsApp for PC In your computer, and Import your contacts to “WhatsApp for PC” from your Gmail’s contacts list, since Whatsapp Messenger is the moment sensation. Also you will be able to find in this tutorial WhatsApp's versions for iPhone 4, iPad, Nokia,BlackBerry, Java and others, at the end of the tutorial.

Let's begin

WhatsApp for PC free

  1. The first thing that we must do is To download Bluestacks application here If your Computer is  Mac OS download Bluestacks From here
  2. We proceed  To install  BlueStacks. Welcome screen will appear then we press the button that appears on the low right part called Continue.
  3. then will appear an install button. We click it 

After these 3 steps BlueStack will execute and we will proceed to install WhatsApp

  1.  In upper right side, click to the “search” icon (the blue magnifying glass) and a window will appear
  2. In this window we have to type WhatsApp and then click “Find” (To search)
  3. After that, it will be shown Whatsapp Messenger, then click over it
  4. A window named One time setup will be open, click on it
  5. And in the next window we have to synchronize 1.-Click Sync Setup and click in “Proceed”
  6. Now we start session with our Gmail's account, (if you don’t have one yet, follow this link) Here
  7. In case you have more than one Android device in the same Gmail's account, the window Select your mobile devices will appear, In this list we choose T-Mobile Samsung GT-I9100 and we click “Done” 
  8. In the next window called “You are done!” Click in the “Finish” button
  9. At this moment, we back to the window One time setup where we have to click “Let's go!”
  10. Once these steps are done, we have to go to Google Play, and click to the ”To agree” button
  11. And in upper right side, we click to the “search” icon and then We type “WhatsApp” and then click to Whatsaap Messenger
  12. Then we click to blue button named “to install”
  13. Later, we click to the “start” button in the lower right(straight) side
  14. Finally we just have to run Whatsapp and start to configure it, to do that, follow the instructions below the next picture. (If we have problems in the installation see like to solve the problem Here)
Whatsapp for PC Free
Follow these steps to configure WhatsApp for PC
  1. In YOUR COUNTRY you must select your country.
  2. then in YOUR COUNTRY CODE AND PHONE NUMBER check that the code of your country is the right one and in the following field write your telephone number.
  3. now click on the button OK and a window will appear where it says that the number will be verified sending an SMS to the mobile number that you wrote.
  4. In a few minutes you will receive a 3 digits number that you will have to write in the check case.
  5. After your number there been checked will request your user's name.
  6. You already have whatsApp! In your computer. You already can add contacts eliminate or modify like you want.
add contacts to Whatsaap
  1. In the low left part we click the second button to show menu.
  2. Later 4 options will appear and we choose the second, it show us the contacts list.
  3. We clickthe button to show menu again and option ‘New Contact’ will appear as the second option. where we will be able to add all the information of our contact.
  4. when we finish to filling the information we click in Done.
I show you 2 ways to add the contacts from your PC; by using Gmail And using Dropbox, If even with this information you cannot import your contacts then you can call me In the labor hours españa to request an installation of your contacts to the WhatsApp for PC

how to download WhatsApp's photos to the computer - method Dropbox - see the information in this link here

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