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New version recommended CyanogenMod Beta 2 -----> Here

In September of 2011, there has been a great progress with the project "o2droid" and its new distribution “Froyo’s Beta 2”, and in October of 2011, the update “Beta 3”, in this version the user's will notice an increased stability in the system, and less overload in the battery.

Install Beta:

  1. First, we have to do a backup of our i8000 Omnia.

  2. Download Android Beta 2 Here, the password is proyectobyte

  3. Connect the mobile phone to the computer as mass storage sharing the internal memory of 8 Gb.

  4. Unzip and copy in the mobile unit, the file that you have downloaded in the step 2.

  5. We disconnect the mobile and change the option “mass storage”, to the ActiveSync option.

  6. We run the “androidinstall.exe” (found it in the folder o2beta). It will start the installation process, which, it's going to close Windows Mobile, and will run on the command line, the installation. It will appear an image like the next one:                              

This process will take time and if there were no problems, it will reboot the mobile phone.
Now, we run the file “haret.exe”, located in the 8Gb internal memory of our mobile. Then, it will appear a color pink screen, which will last a few minutes. After that, we will see the start of the Android system and we will continue the welcome tutorial, enter to our account and reboot.

Install the Beta 2 Updates:
  1. We enter to the internal 8 Gb memory of our mobile, rename the file “frb2updat.tar.gz” to “frb2update.tar.gz” and run the file “haret.exe”, reboot our Android, again.
  2. Reboot Android again and go to the 8Gb memory of our mobile (Notice that the file “frb2update.tar.gz” is no longer there, that fact indicates that the update is already done) and now, rename the file called “frb2update2.tar.gz” to “frb2update.tar.gz” and run the file “haret.exe” as the last step for this installation of Beta 2, finally we reboot.

Install Beta 3:
Then, download the pack containing the Beta 3.
here, unzip everything in the 8 Gb memory and rewrite the files which ask us to rewrite, then in the phone, we enter in the internal memory, into the folder “o2update” and run “androidupdate.exe”, this one will initiate a process where is going to be created a swap partition.

Install the Updates for the Beta 3:
For this update, just go to the internal memory and now, rename the file called “frb2update1.tar.gz” to “frb2update.tar.gz”, we start “haret.exe” and… We already have the Android updated!
 Of interest: How to install CyanogenMod beta 2 -Translated by Google.translate-

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