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Have you got an Omnia 2 and want to install Android? Here I give you some download links, comprehensive information and a video,so you can do the android setup process in your omnia without any problem, in fact, you can make your questions at my youtube channel,it’ll be a pleasure answer to you.

This is the latest y newest android version to Omnia 2, also compatible with the PRO ( B7610 ) and Omnia I920 It’s called CyanogenMod Beta 2 and it’s being developed by the O2DROID Project, this versión comes with an auto-installer,that is even more sophisticated than the first released, So we are going to have a less complicated installation, the performance of this versionhas been improved, gaining speed over previous versions, and some bugs have also been fixed, recognizing easily handsfree and radio,and works perfectly.

Starting the installation
  1. First, we have to make a backup of our Omnia i8000. (don’t forget make a backup of our organizer and MicroSD)
  2. Format the MicroSD (here is the recommended application) translated by
  3. Download Android CyanogenMod Beta 2 Here (After yellow button appears)
  4. Connect the phone into the computer as mass storage device, sharing the 8 Gb internal memory
  5. Unzip and copy the file that we downloaded before, into the mobile unit (see step 2).
  6. Unplug the device and switch the “mass storage” option, to ActiveSync one
  7. Run the “androidinstall.exe” file (found in o2beta folder). This will start the installation process, closing Windows Mobile,and running the installation to the MicroSD, on the command line window. This process appears as shown in the image below:
How to install Android CyanogenMod Beta 2 for Samsung Omnia 2 2012

The installation process will take several minutes (around 15 minutes) if the installation it’s done successfully, the program will rebootNow

run the “ haret.exe ” file, that is located at the 8 Gb internal memory, and this time, a new window opens, and will show a text boxwith "Android on Omnia II Loading.. " title, this process will take some minutes (around 10 minutes), after this, the Android will start normally,following with the “welcome tutorial” screen, after this, we have to synchronize our gmail account.

If after the installation process, you have any question, go to the link: Android for Omnia 2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Or if you want to make any question about this topic, just click in the bottom right side of the Youtube video.
(you will see all questions about this topic, and the answers I have given at Youtube video)

If you want to support this project’s development, share this info at Google Plus picking the button +1
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