Fraunhofer Gesellschaft will be in Colombia.

Post date: Sep 10, 2015 1:55:52 PM

From Unimedios.

The objective of the visit will be innovation projects, analyze the business capacity and explore in which areas could be developed.

The Government, ministries and the high Presidential Council for the competitiveness; the Vice Presidency of research of the Universidad Nacional, Colciencias, the Universidad de Los Andes and the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce will support such a visit. The experts will also be in Medellín, Bucaramanga and Valle del Cauca.

Unlike basic research, applied research that leads Fraunhofer is the link that connects an idea that arises in the Academy or a small business, with the possibility to reality, transformed into a final product that can be marketed and, over time, would reach households.

The Fraunhofer Society also supports the creation of new productive proposals from other already existing and with the help of academic researchers.

Precisely for this reason, spokesmen of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce announced that they will show to Fraunhofer their clusters or groups of interrelated businesses that today work in the same industrial sector which are United for common benefits. In this case include advances in jewelry, leather, garments, tourism, gastronomy, music and health, among others.

"We want to the center of the German institution, where its policies decide to bet on the country, be in Bogotá, the city to finance and is located in the Park of science, technology and innovation to be built in the next few months", said Professor Dolly Montoya, Vice-Rector of research of the U.N.

"The city must define in what you want to work and who have ideas to support that proposal will have to make their contributions; universities will contribute their knowledge and ability in research", added the Professor Montoya

Creators of the MP3

The Fraunhofer Society, founded in 1949, working in six areas: energy, communications, production, transport, security and health and environment.

It is a leader in creating new technologies, develop products and improve processes. It has 66 institutes, which have managed to settle as the main development of new techniques applied in Europe.

In themselves they are designed for battery to store wind and solar power, to industrial robots so sophisticated that they can grab an egg without breaking it. It is estimated that, on average, every day arises from the Fraunhofer institutes three inventions. One of the most remembered is MP3, which revolutionized the Internet by storing music files in a small space.

Approach with this entity which is part of the "big leagues" in the development of new technologies in the world, also coincides with the opening in Colombia of six groups of the Max Planck Institute, the Organization's most important basic research of the planet, which has 90 centers in Europe and America and which will now open at the National University and the University of Antioquia laboratories. In fact, two weeks ago were picked five of the six leaders who will be in charge of them.

Colombia would be the second Center of applied research of Fraunhofer in Latin America, after which the Organization opened one in Chile in October 2010. "We want German knowledge will facilitate the transfer of knowledge and a science and companies in Germany and Colombia", ended Montoya.