We had 5 problems:

  • Role-Based Access Control as a Programming Challenge, ie., minRoleAssignmentsWithHierarchy
  • A scheduling problem: Mary's partitions
  • Lewis, the Hatter, a combinatorics problem
  • An astronomy problem: Stars in Haley's window
  • Another combinatorial problem: latin squares (sumdoku)

We had 7 teams (6 in person and 1 online) and everyone solved at least 1 problem (and got English and Swiss chocolates:). Clingo, SWI and Picat were used.

One team was leading for more than one hour with 3 problems solved: Matthias van der Hallen and Richard Taupe.

However, the winning on-site team came from behind and won the on-site competition with 4 correct solutions (last submitted 10 minutes before the end of the contest): Martin Gebser, Markus Hecher and Johannes Fichte.

Congratulations to all (Matthias van der Hallen, Richard Taupe, Jan Wielemaker, Paul Tarau, Steve Hoyle, Neng-Fa Zhou, Arindam Mitra, Ben Wu, Patrick Kahl, Tony Leclerd, Marc Dahlen, Martin Gebser, Markus Hecher, Johannes Fichte, Claudio Cesar De Sá and Marcelo Rodrigues de Souza)! See you next year.