Project presentation to young innovators

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On November 18th, 2014 St. Petersburg Democenter was visited by students in the sphere of waste management from St. Petersburg State University of Economics, one of the largest universities in Russia and the leader in the sphere of the economic education.
A presentation was made for the young innovators on the "Waste Management" project: its implementation process, major outputs and results, as well as means for future cooperation in the field.

"Waste Management" project presentation within St.Petersburg International Innovation Forum

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In October 2014 VII Saint Petersburg International Innovation Forum (SPIIF) was held, supported by Government of the city of St. Petersburg. Representatives of the “Waste Management” presented the project results on a collective stand «St. Petersburg Global Partners», initiated by the Committee on External Relations of St. Petersburg aimed at development of international cooperation between St. Petersburg and partner cities and regions.

Project Final conference

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On September, 10th, 2014 Consulate General of Finland hosted "Waste Management" project Final Conference.

The event gathered experts in the waste management field, eco-movements activists, executive public authorities of St.Petersburg and Finland and enterprises representatives on a heated discussion devoted to the environmental issues.

The conference opened up with greetings on behalf of South-East Finland–Russia ENPI CBC 2007–2013 Programme, Committee on Municipal Improvement Of St. Petersburg and Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg.

Within the conference programme major results of the project were presented by all the partners, as well as generalized results of conducted researches, and “Waste Exchange” Platform functional.

The event ended up with a heated discussion on the environmental issues as the topics brought up attracted public attention.

As a centerpiece of the event programme the official awarding of “Clear Vision” competition winners was held.

Project offsite event - to Finnish enterprises

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On August, 27th-28th, 2014 “Waste Management” offsite event took place. Project team members accompanied by mass media representatives visited a number of Finnish enterprises involved in the waste management process. Among the organizations visited: “Prisma Lappeenranta” waste collection center, “Suomen Palautuspakkaus” waste recycling center, “Kukkuroinmäki” landfill and “Kekkilä” Oy.

As a result of the performed activities an article was published in the first Russian magazine on ecological life – “Natur Product” and a video-story was broadcasted on one of the leading St.Petresburg channels for the programme “Eco Studio”.

The publication can be found on the following link

The video can be found on the following link

Publications in "Paper"

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A series of articles on waste management issues was published in the e-newspaper "Paper" within the project framework:

- on the Finnish experience in recycling:;
- on "Clear Vision" competition implementation:;
- on eco-movements of St.Petersburg activities:;
- on separate waste collection possibilities http:

More information on the topic can be found by hashtag #экология

Project offsite event - Ämmässuo landfill

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On August, 18th, 2014 "Waste Management" project external experts participated in offsite event - excursion to Finnish «Ämmässuo» landfill. Within the trip Russian experts gained a possibility to learn about the latest technologies in the field of solid domestic waste recycling and dumping. Among the questions discussed: 

1) Degassing station: 

- Gas recovery technology on recapturing part and on the working areas of the landfill. 
- Insulating layers of landfill for effective removal. 
- Circuit diagrams and head network. 
- Technological schemes of use heat and electricity for their own needs. 
- Emissions from landfill gas utilization. Gas cleaning system. 

2) Environmental monitoring of the landfill after reclamation: 

- Regulatory Documents. 
- Production schedules of monitoring. Periodicity. Costs. 
- Quality control by authorized regulatory agencies. 

3) Exploitation of existing landfill: 
- Removal technology of the filtrate, treatment facilities and the cost of their construction and operation. 
- Applied technology of the landfill isolation (geomembrane).

The materials and information received within the visit and gained experience were further used by the Committee on Municipal Improvement for preparation of the regulatory framework in the field of Waste Management of St. Petersburg.

Project external experts meeting

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On June, 10th premises of St.Petersburg Democenter gathered "Waste Management" project external experts, eco-movements representatives and project team members.

The discussion held was focused on the results of project "Road show" performed on May 22nd-23d. The experts shared their opinions on the received information and made suggestions on what should be improved and taken into consideration within further trips. Gratitude was expressed to "Waste Management" project for the possibility to visit waste treatment enterprises and share experience in the field with Finnish colleagues.

Afterwards a discussion was held on possibilities for project further promotion and spreading relevant information through different channels. Particular attention was paid to the implemented photo- and video-competition "Clear Vision" -

"Microbomb" film demonstration on festivals

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Within May, 2014 the documentary "Microbomb" went on with conquesting narional and international film festivals, including:

Festival «EcoZine», Spain, Zaragoza (May 15th-22nd, 2014), the film was shown in non-competitive program in the youth section;
Exhibition Festival EcoDays "Life in the Eco style!" (May 9th-12th, 2014).  More information on;
IV Annual Conference on the Protection of citizens' environmental rights "Ecology of Russia: the right for life" in St. Petersburg (May 30th, 2014).

Project road-show (May, 22nd-23d)

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The two-days road-show programme (May 22nd-23d) gathered together representatives of the project team, experts in the field of waste management, St.Petersburg eco-movements activists and executive public authorities.

The offsite event participants were provided with an opportunity to visit Finnish enterprises working with waste management, communicate with their foreign colleagues, make contacts for further cooperation and exchange experience in the field.

Within the programme visits were made to waste recycling plants, where Finnish experts made presentations on the best practices in waste treatmen. The following activities took place:

- Visit to Kouvola Innovation Oy followed by presentation of eco-project "Hyötyvirta";

- Trip to the eco-park "Hyötyvirta", excursion around the park, followed by general presentation of "Hyötyvirta" region, and presentation on waste collection and recycling practices;

- Visit to "L&T Kerava" - the biggest waste treatment plant in Finland;

- Visit to waste treatment plant "Kuusakoski".

The event full agenda can be found in the attachment.

"Waste Exchange" Portal official launch

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On May, 21st the "Waste Exchange" web-Portal was officially launched.

The Portal sections "Advertisement", "Regional Waste Inventory" and "Network of professionals" are fully operable in all its capacities and are localized into Finnish, Russian and English.

Apart from placing advertisement on waste management services and adding information to the Regional Waste Inventory, the Portal users can get information on the project implementation and the latest news in the field.

The Portal web-address .

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