About project


Overall objective of the project is to develop and maintain a modern sustainable ecological system for waste management and recycling technologies of industrial and domestic waste in the program region. Specific objective is to analyze and make a description of the best practices of the existing waste management systems in Russia and Finland and improve their efficiency through creation of the Waste Exchange e-portal as an effective tool of waste system in the program area. 

Short description of the problem:

Every year in St. Petersburg there is about 10 million cubic meters of solid municipal waste; the cost of its disposal constantly increases and places on the public and commercial organizations. At the same time waste generators could offset some of their disposal costs producing a new product from solid waste: heat and electricity, recyclables, construction materials, etc. Uncultivated culture of waste separation and ignorance to recycling and other modern sustainable waste management practices a clear need for implementing some immediate solutions.

Project beneficiaries:

Final beneficiaries of the project are the citizens, manufacturing ventures and public utilities of St. Petersburg and suburbs. The result of the project is significant improvement of environmental situation, direct support of using modern technologies for waste processing through the organizational and information for recycling. 

Also beneficiaries of the project are foreign small and medium enterprises of border regions who are interested in purchasing or supply of waste. 

Main expected results:

- comparative analysis of Waste management system in Finland and Russia and collection of   the best practices of waste processing/recycling;

- development and testing of e-portal “Waste management”;

- recommendations on improvement of waste management for St.Petersburg City;

- workshops for key actors, including match-making events;

- publication of thematic articles in mass-media, filming of TV spots on urban waste management;

- final conference «Waste exchange e-portal» as an element of waste management cross-border system» (2014).


Maria Kuzko, project manager, 

State Unitary Enterprise «St.Petersburg Information and Analytical Centre»

phone (812) 602-0136

mob. +7 921 305-9790

e-mail: kuzko@iac.spb.ru