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Lydie Couturier

PhD Candidate, The University of Queensland

Lydie was born in Grenoble, France where she lived until she started her undergraduate degree in Nice South of France. After completing two years there, she transferred her course to the University of Queensland in 2006 where she finished her final year and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology.  

Lydie has been SCUBA diving since 1996 and she is now a scientific diver and divermaster with over 15 years of experience. She is dedicated to increase the public awareness and education about the marine environment and what danger it faces. 

Lydie joined Project Manta in 2007 when she started her Honours on zooplankton and the seasonal occurrence of manta rays at North Stradbroke Island. After graduating, she worked as a research assistant for the project until she started her PhD research in June 2009, looking at the biology and ecology of manta rays in eastern Australia. 

Lydie has established a volunteer-support network along the eastern coast of Australia by engaging with recreational divers and diving industries in offering them the opportunity to be involved with PROJECT MANTA. 

Her future research plans are to build on the foundation of her PhD to further develop the knowledge on the manta ray species across the world. She has particular interest in the international conservation and management perspectives for this species and other elasombranch species. 

Her main research interests include behavioural studies, human impacts, conservation and protection of the marine environment.