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Fabrice Jaine

PhD Candidate, The University of Queensland

Born in the South of France, Fabrice grew up on the Mediterranean coastline, spending most of his time in the water. 

In 2006, he transferred to the University of Queensland, Australia, where he completed his Bachelor of Science, majoring in Marine Biology and Ecology, as well as his Honours degree. In 2008 Fabrice volunteered for Great White Shark research in South Africa, where he acquired knowledge and experience on the study of large marine vertebrate animals (e.g. monitoring of populations via photographic identification, tagging and tracking of animals, sampling of DNA). In January 2009, Fabrice returned to Australia with an aim to apply and develop his newly acquired skills with Project Manta. 

Fabrice’s contribution to Project Manta focuses on the broad-scale movements of manta rays in east Australia and their relation to ocean dynamics and productivity. 

His research investigates the pattern, timing, magnitude and reasons for the seasonal migration of mantas. Fabrice uses acoustic and satellite tracking methodologies to monitor the movements of the manta population in east Australia, satellite oceanography to monitor the large scale oceanic phenomena linked to the seasonal movement of mantas, zooplankton analyses to determine food resource dynamics at aggregation sites, as well as ecological modelling to combine all these data and create a model that could be applied to other planktivorous species that share similar life history traits.