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Manta rays in eastern Australia

Manta alfredi is known to occur off both the western and eastern Australian coasts. 

Early data from this project showed that manta rays travel a distance of at least 500km between Lady Elliot Island in Queensland and Byron Bay in New South Wales within few months.

Several predictable aggregations sites have been identified in eastern Australia

     OSPREY REEF_ popular for the regular sighting of manta rays throughout the year

     HERON ISL _ mantas are regularly seen around the outer reef

     LADY MUSGRAVE ISL _ mantas are frequently sighted all year around

     LADY ELLIOT ISL (LEI) _ manta can be seen all year around but aggregate by hundreds during the winter months

     NORTH STRADBROKE ISL (NSI) _ tens of mantas can be observed daily during summer months, from October until March-April

     BYRON BAY _ known for regular sightings of few mantas during summer months

     SOLITARY ISLANDS _ manta annually aggregate to around January until May of each year