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Our current knowledge on the east Australian mantas largely comes from photo-identification and your support by sending us the photos and sighting info.

If a new individual is identified from your photos, you get to NAME YOUR OWN MANTA

This is an opportunity for you to be involved in the scientific study of manta rays. 

What we need

  • Images of manta rays' bellies (see photo-ID for more information)
  • Video recordings of manta rays and sighting information 
  • The DATE (and time) and LOCATION of the image creation site 
  • The NAME of the photographer 
  • Any photos of manta rays from the previous years (with date and location) 

Send your photos:  email_ project.manta@uq.edu.au , share them on out Facebook page or contact us for postal address
Photographs and videos of manta rays are particularly needed for this project to be successful. Images are utilised for photo-identification of manta rays and are integrated in a major photograph database of manta rays recorded along the eastern Australian coast. 

So get your cameras ready, take pictures of manta rays, record videos of their behaviours, share these photos/videos with us and be part of a exceptional research project which will have international renowned outcomes

Join us on our field trip at Lady Elliot Island with Earthwatch Australia

Receive regular updates of the project
Send us your email at project.manta@uq.edu.au