Professional Stewards Assocation of Northern California

The Professional Stewards Assocation of Northern California was established to provide conformation stewards for Northern California area dog shows using the American Kennel Club standards. All of our stewards are trained as professionals in order to ensure the best possible experience for exhibitor, judge, and spectator. Clubs interested in the services provided by the Professional Stewards Association of Northern California may contact our current president or any of the approved chief ring stewards.
American Kennel Club's "Rules Applying To Dog Shows":
"A good dog show steward makes the work of judging a dog show easier by relieving the judge of unnecessary details. By assembling classes promptly, one will be able to keep the judging on schedule and eliminate, to a large extent, delays between classes.
Main Professional Steward duties:
  • Hand out armbands and mark absentees
  • Confirm with the judge the procedures that s/he wish to see carried out
  • Assemble classes promptly and check to see that those entering the ring are wearing the correct armband
  • Keep an eye on the clock to make sure the judge is on time
  • Keep an accurately marked catalog noting placements, absentees and disqualifications
  • Prepare ribbon and trophy awards for each class
  • Keep the ring neat and clean, watching to make sure everything is running smoothly
  • Assist exhibitors (new, experienced, or professional) to make them comfortable and at ease; treat all exhibitors professionally and with courtesy and respect (be cautious to not be too familiar with exhibitors to ensure professionalism)
  • Contact show photographer, superintendent, or AKC Represnetative as needed
  • In general, it is your duty to make the experience efficient and pleasurable for everyone

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