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Epi-No (Englisch)

The Epi-No Delfine and the Delphine Plus Birth and Postnatal Trainer were designed,developed and manufactured in Germany in close co-operation with gynaecologists,midwives,urogenital physiotherapists and pregnant women.

The Epi-No is patented and intended to e used as a birth trainer and a pelvic floor muscle trainer.

With EPI-NO you can optimally prepare for the birth of your baby by gently stretching your pelvic floor muscles and perineum to avoid injury associated with delivery. After your baby is born, the EPI-NO Delphine Plus is your ideal partner to help you recover the strength and tone of your over-stretched, weak and possibly injured pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic Floor Muscles protect and strengthen - for that all-round Good Feeling!

How EPI-NO Delphine Plus will benefit you:

  • A simple device to exercise anytime at home
  • Complements your perineal massaging
  • Reduces the risk of perineal tears and episiotomy
  • Less stress for mother and baby during second stage of labour
  • Optimal device for speeding the regeneration/ recovery process
  • More sexual satisfaction
  • Biofeedback monitors and motivates your recovery performance.

For more information you can always call me and if you like you can make an appointment.

Experiences of users:

Labour is very much a theoritical concept when you are having your first baby, we try to manage this by reading books on the subject, speaking to friends or attending courses etc. 
In the end there is always a level of anxiety in regard to what it will really feel like and what are the most effective actions to facilitate a smooth delivery.
In my view EPI-No really helps to reduce that feeling, particularly in the critical last weeks of your pregnancy. It improves your confidence level (yes you will be able to dilate up to 10cm:)), and provides a very practical way of teaching you how to push (may sound obvious but really effective pushing is far harder a concept to grasp - better to learn this before labour begins than during the process itself!).
In respect to my personal experience I really do believe that it enhanced my birth experience and would highly recommend the use of it.

Signed: V. van de Ven