Thought for this week

Thought for the Week is from Melville Paton who is an Elder at Nether Lochaber Church.


Over 100 years ago, George Matheson who was blind from birth, wrote the hymn “O love that wilt not let me go.” It’s full of personal experiences: -


“I rest my weary soul in thee.”

“O light that followest all my way.”

“O joy, that seekest me through pain.”

“I trace the rainbow through the rain.”


It’s amazing that someone who is blind, can visualise the thrill of seeing a rainbow appear from a dark and overcast sky.


For many people in the UK, things are dark and uncertain. For each of us, there are many times in life when we experience the dark clouds, but, O the thrill when God breaks through with a shaft of light and the beautiful rainbow lights up our lives reminding us that God made his covenant and promise with Noah.