Thought for this week

Thought for this week is from the Rev Dr Richard Corbett, Minister of Kilmallie.


Things on my desk #2 - Pen


When I was wondering what to say this week, I found myself footering with a bit of string lying on my desk, and then it came to me that I could surely find something to say beginning from the clutter in front of me. So last week I started from that piece of string; today, I'll start with a pen.


Unlike the piece of string, the pen has a legitimate reason for being on my desk. I write with it. Yes, I do almost all my writing on my computer, but there are still times when I need a pen. And not just any pen. I need one with real ink, because the Registrar insists that people use real ink to fill in Marriage Schedules. Everyone else uses ball-point pens these days, but ball-point pen ink is reckoned to fade, while the real stuff doesn't.


But there's a slight problem with using real ink. A nib only works if you hold the pen just so, and nobody has much practice at doing that nowadays. Nor is the middle of a wedding when everyone has other things on their mind a good time to relearn penmanship, for as you'll remember from school, ink goes everywhere. Wedding-dresses beware!


So, my pen is a special one. It uses real ink, but instead of a nib to spread the ink, my pen has a ball, so that you can write with my pen without holding it just so. And it has never leaked ink, because ink can't come out of the pen unless the ball is rolling.


A ball-point pen which uses real ink! How clever! That's the right way to use real ink!


And it occurred to me that this was like letting ourselves be guided by God in what we do. There's a right way and a wrong way to go about doing anything. Indeed, a lot of wrong ways. God's rules aren't meant to deny us pleasure. He invented it, after all, and He promises pleasure to those who go his way. His rules are meant to give everyone as much pleasure with as little irksomeness as possible. It may not look like it to us when He forbids us to do something we really, really want to do.


But that's where faith comes in. We just have to trust that the God who made us knows best. And that's not hard!