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I'm working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Dharwad, Dharwad, Karnataka, India. My research areas are Quantum Information Theory and its interface with many-body physics and quantum optics

My interest in the field of quantum information science is diversified in to various topics, which broadly include:

1. Characterizing and quantifying multipartite quantum correlations in finite as well as infinite quantum systems.


2. Connecting multipartite quantum correlations to different quantum information processing tasks.


3. Studying the properties and behavior of quantum correlations present in many-body quantum systems. The state describing the system can be static or dynamic ones, and the system can be ordered or disordered with respect to the system parameters.


4. Characterization and quantification of non-classicality in continuous variable quantum systems which are of interest in experimental quantum optics. And also to establish connection between such systems and their utility in several information theoretic protocols.

I also work on contemporary research interests in quantum information science and at the same time at its inter-disciplinary subjects.    

Academic Positions:

Scientific Articles: Pre-prints are available at prabhu_r_1
                                                                                       ORCID: 0000-0002-8341-4764
                                                                                   Publons: 1740200
                                                Scopus Author ID: 7006579174
                           Web of Science Researcher ID: A-7603-2010

Contact Information:

                Assistant Professor,                                                
Department of Physics,                                                              
                Indian Institute of Technology Dharwad,
                           Dharwad - 580011,
                           Karnataka, INDIA.
                 Office: +91 836 2212 851


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