LED lanterns replace white gas lanterns

Post date: Oct 15, 2009 6:16:57 AM

White gas lanterns are wonderful for their nostalgia and light output. However, a light source that uses an inflammable liquid and puts out tremendous heat is sketchy in a wood and fabric shelter that keeps out the cold and snow of deep winter. Therefore, with the recent improvement of LED technology in lanterns, Powder Ridge is stocking two lanterns at each yurt to be used for lighting. Other yurt operations have had great success using these, and we hope you enjoy the light, added safety, and convenience of not having to fill the white gas lanterns. For now, we are using disposable alkaline batteries but anticipate phasing in rechargeables. We've done the research, and even disposable batteries are ecologically better than the 5 gallons of white gas used per yurt last season.