13 The World's best game 8/4/2013    WWW.FHTTC.COM
Check out the two videos on the home page. Also check out Doctors about table tennis.
This is an e book from Greg Letts who is a top player in Australia. The book is in Adobe Reader format and 16 MB or 145 pages. Greg say that it is aimed at Beginners. It has videos with narrative. The book is free and can be saved to your computer and looked at any time.
Some of the Chapter headings are:
How to stand
How to move
Understanding spin
How to play basic strokes
Return of Serve
Forehand loop
Killer tactics for competition
Doubles play
Tactics and tips in doubles
The list goes on and on.
An excellent book for the beginner and above.

11 Table Tennis.About.Com 9/6/12
    This site covers lots of Table Tennis and would be interesting for the Beginner and Intermediate player.

10    Gold Coast Table Tennis Association 10/5/12
        Have a look at their May Newsletter (and others). An excellent website with lots of great information.

9    WikiHow-Table Tennis 25/4/12

8    Coffs Harbour Table Tennis Club 15/4/12

7    Waikato Table Tennis 18/3/12

6    Butterfly North America 8/3/12
For all those players who would like to perform better in Table Tennis Doubles.

4    Matt Hetherington Blog 20/2/12
New and interesting site with links to other web sites.

3    Ping Skills 12/2/12
This website contains lots of free instructional videos.

2   Table Tennis Database 3/2/12
Thom recommends this website for reviews of equipment and a forum.

1    Pro Table Tennis with Rowden Fullen 28/1/12
This website contains some 280 plus articles on our great sport of table tennis broken down into a number of main categories, which can be found in the 'Articles' menu in the lefthand column of every page, each main category is further broken down into sub-categories for easier access. There is a search facility and a summary of all the articles also found in the same menu.

Updated on a fairly regular basis, the site is aimed at both coaches and players.