Travel Insurance

Hi All
Many of our Affiliates are not aware that Travel Insurance, at no extra cost to individuals, is provided under the insurance arrangements negotiated on our behalf by Table Tennis Australia.
Cover is provided for Managers, Coaches, authorised members and their accompanying spouses and dependant children whilst engaged on authorised travel.
Effectively this means that any of your members who are travelling anywhere in the world on table tennis related business already has Travel Insurance provided for them.
In practical terms this means that all the players, officials and accompanying members who attended the Country Championships on the weekend were covered by Travel Insurance. In addition any of our teams selected to represent NSW are also covered.
Groups or individuals travelling overseas, who wish to avail themselves of this cover, are recommended to advise Table Tennis NSW their arrangements to ensure that if anything does happen while they are away the insurer may be notified immediately and we are able to confirm the travel was table tennis related.
I am enclosing a copy of the original Travel Insurance Brochure which briefly details benefits provided and would be pleased to provide any further details you may require
I also have a copy of the policy covering the insurance should you wish to examine it
Ted Davis
Administration Officer
Table Tennis NSW Inc
PH: (02) 8116 9712
Click here for more information on travel insurance with Table Tennis Australia. Use the link "About TTA".