Firstly, What is a ‘Volunteer’? A ‘Volunteer’ is someone who gives up their time to help someone, or something to continue. What does the dictionary say about a ‘Volunteer’?
A ‘Volunteer’ is a person who enters or offers to enter into any service of his/her own free will with no promise of compensation. In plain words a ‘Volunteer’ is someone who is prepared to do something for nothing. We all know at least one ‘Volunteer’.
What do ‘Volunteers’ do? They do everything that needs to be done to help someone, and often go way beyond what needs to be done.
‘Volunteers’ are in high demand, but in most cases are thin on the ground. For instance, bringing it down to club level, why do you come to the club? To play Table-Tennis. What if there was no-one to open the doors for you. ‘Volunteer’ number one. Going a little further, what
sort of game do you play, fixtures? competition? social? What if no-one worked out the fixtures system, arranged the competitions, worked out the social games? All done by ‘Volunteers’. How many of these invisible people do you know? Do you know who keeps the floor cleaned? The tea urn filled up? Who gets the oranges and apples for refreshments? Who collects, records and banks the playing fees? Who handles the correspondence and a thousand and one other things that have to be done to keep the club operational? There are other facets of the ‘Volunteer’ also. Who records the results of matches and competitions? Another
 Our executive committee are ALL ‘Volunteers’. The
general committee members, ALL ‘Volunteers’. Other players can be volunteers without being on the committee.
So, back to the first question. What is a ‘Volunteer’?
Let me tell you what I think a ‘Volunteer’ is. This is a person who is first and foremost, a playing member of the group. If that person sees a possible problem occurring within the club then he/she communicates with a committee member. Then tries to fix the problem, this is a ‘Volunteer’. At the time of the Annual General Meeting, people are asked, nay, begged, to involve themselves with the running of the club as a committee member. The involvement is not arduous, it is time hungry. A meeting once every two months, and a possible use of your expertise and knowledge. A ‘Volunteer’ takes on some sort of action that they can help with, but he/she expects nothing except a “thank you” at some later date. There is no remuneration involved for a ‘Volunteer’. Their input is invaluable, as without their efforts, nothing happens. So just think about what an incredible club we have that is carried along by the ‘Volunteers’. This also means that the Club needs your help too. For instance, after you have finished the day/evening entertainment, exercise whatever you call it, it is a politeness to put away the tables and barriers that you have used before leaving. 
So please give some thought as to what a ‘Volunteer’ really is, and just remember the best ‘Volunteer’ you will ever meet lives real close to you.
Who is it? Why it’s your “Mother”. Think about it.
This article has been adapted from one written by the Gold Coast Table Tennis Club.
Photo of two of our volunteers preparing the venue for play