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Port Macquarie Table Tennis Club Championships-2015

Date: Sunday 1 November 2015

Time: 9 am onwards (all day)


  • Open Singles (9 am start)

  • Open Womens Singles (9 am start)

  • B Grade Singles (9 am start)

  • C Grade Singles (9 am start)

  • Open Doubles (1 pm start)

  • B Grade Doubles (1 pm start)

  • C Grade Doubles (1 pm start)

The Match Committee will decide player’s eligibility for each of the grades.

The winner of the Open Singles event will be the holder of the John Marr Memorial Club Championship Trophy (to be presented by our founder's widow, June Marr at the Xmas Party and Presentation on Tuesday 1 December).
Only financial members of the Port Macquarie Table Tennis Club are eligible to compete.


Open Singles-all players are eligible
Open Doubles-all players are eligible. Players choose their own partners.( top 4 seeds can’t play together)
C Grade Doubles- eligible players will be as per C  Grade Singles.
Note that players not competing in an event may practise on tables that will be available for that purpose.
 Competition in the Singles events will be a Round Robin of groups of 4 followed by a Knockout involving the top two of each group and a consolation competition between the bottom 2 in each group.
 In Doubles, players can choose their own partners as long as B Grade doubles combinations are only chosen from B Grade players. Similarly for C Grade doubles. Also the top 4 seeded players cannot partner each other.
 All matches will be best of 5 games played to 11 points. Balls used will be Plastic, triple star, white, 40+.

Players wishing to compete must record their names on the entry sheet available on playing nights by Tuesday 27 October so that matches can be organised beforehand.

Warm up has to be completed in the regulation 2 minutes. Each match has to be umpired by other players in the group.

All singles results will be entered in Ratings Central.

Playing fees will be as usual ($5/$3)

Match Committee.