1) What is your name and bio?

My name is Yolanda A.  Reid. I'm an American writer and the author 
of PORRIDGE & CUCU: MY CHILDHOOD, a YA novel. My poems and short fiction 
have appeared in a few literary journals and  ezines.  My second novel, THE 
HONEYEATER, is a contemporary women's novel--a compelling love story about a
woman betrayed by her first love. My current and most recent blog is Y REID BOOKS? at  It's a blog devoted to women writers and authors.  
I live/write in the USA. 

2) What is your book's title and synopsis?

THE HONEYEATER is the story of a woman, Eulalia, and her childhood 
sweetheart, Fabio. A young, handsome, and brilliant doctoral candidate, 
he has political ambitions.  Soon after they wed, Fabio is unfaithful to Eulalia 
with the person she’d never expect.  Her sister. After she re-builds her life 
with a new love, she is re-united with Fabio.  Will Eulalia realize that he belongs 
to her childhood—to the past? Or will she release  her new life—alongside her 
new love—to return to the man who loved and betrayed her?  
A story of love, heartbreak and renewal, THE HONEYEATER attests that a 
young woman can  survive love, heartbreak, betrayal. THE HONEYEATER is an 
enthralling generational story of two families and the inevitable love that arose 
between Eulalia and Fabio--who were not  meant to fall in love--but did.

3) Where do you come up with your ideas?

Mostly, I listened to my grandfather tell stories--sometimes
epic fantastical tales--that often contained sorcery and magic. 
I spent a lot of time listening and talking to him.  I began writing
the stories down; I even taped a conversation or two.  I had in
mind to write a book about him.  Also, there are the women's stories
(as told by my mother and grandmother--which are vivid for me as well).

Finally, I have a writer's temperament, I think, and have since I was a child.
I always wrote little poems with drawings.  As a teen, I continued this
practice and still have some of those early poems, which I think are pretty
well-crafted and mature for someone so young. And today I'm often thinking
what a good story or novel this or that event might make. Sometimes it's a news story,
but mostly I get inspired by my own family's stories and history.

4) What books/authors do you like to read?

I love to read memoirs and biographies--those are my favorites.
I also like reading novels. WUTHERING HEIGHTS
by Emily Bronte; EAT PRAY LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert; Barbara Kingsolver.

5) What's your next writing project?

I currently have two books germinating--one is a novel, possibly
a continuation of THE HONEYEATER saga.  Possibly not.
I haven't decided yet.  I also have in mind to write a sequel to
my first novel.  At this stage, it's too early to say 
anything definitive, however. 

Years ago, I ambitiously said I'd write a trilogy of inter-connected
novels.  I wrote up a few notes and brief synopses. 
I still have that general idea in mind, but I don't know if I'll 
actually write it or if, once it's written, I'd like the 
book and want to share it with the world--or set it aside.  

Sometimes it's a huge task to get the book you visualized on paper 
or onto the computer screen. Luckily, THE HONEYEATER--which took eleven 
years to complete--is the book I visualized. I tinkered, polished, 
pored over each word to get the best possible rendering of my imagination.

So far, I've written two complete novels; hopefully, I'll write 
the third novel and people (including me) will love it!
(Hopefully, all three books will become NYT bestsellers.) 

Interview questions posed by Vincent Lowry.