PORRIDGE & CUCU is the poignant tale of Yamila—from her earliest memories of Panama. One major character is her ninety-eight year old 
grandfather, who shares with her the ghost stories of his childhood.  Other characters are her grandmother, her parents, and her brother.
When Yamila’s mother-–a teacher--leaves to attend the University of Missouri, Yamila becomes a boarding student at St. Michael’s School 
for Girls. She tries to overcome a loneliness she had never experienced before.  Once her family leaves for the USA (to re-unite with her mother), she re-adjusts to a new school, new relatives, and a new life.  At novel's end, Yamila witnesses an indigenous girl’s rite of passage ceremony, and experiences one herself.

Artist Christine Yen Chong designed PORRIDGE & CUCU's book cover, which features Panama's beautiful indigenous art.

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