difficult 2 player game.. 10 balls rack (1 thru 8 and two striped balls). Rack the 1 ball on the foot
spot and place both striped balls on the corners. The striped balls spot if they pocket on the break.

Game ~ Make CB contact on the lowest ball, and either of the 2 striped balls, on the same shot.

The CB must either hit the low ball 1st.. OR hit one of the striped balls 1st.. (Failure is a BIH foul)
A player contacting both the low and either stripe ball scores 1 point and continues until he fouls.

If CB contact is on the low ball first, hitting other balls before contacting either stripe ball is allowed.
If CB contact is on either stripe ball first, hitting other balls before contacting the low ball is allowed.

Pocketing balls isn't required.. but the low ball earns an extra point if it pockets on a scoring shot.

1 point for contacting the lowest ball and either of the stripe balls, in any order, on the same shot.
2 points for pocketing the lowest ball If the CB contacts 1 striped ball. (No point for just pocketing).

The lowest ball can pocket before or pocket after the cue ball contacts either of the 2 striped balls.

When the lowest ball pockets the next low ball becomes the OB. Ball numbers 1 thru 8 never spot.
If either stripe ball pockets, it spots up immediately. The game ends when only the 2 stripes remain.
Ball-in-hand for a scratch, a foul, or failure to hit a rail. (Rail contact isn't required if a point scores).
Points are never deducted, but if a player scores and scratches that point isn't counted and it's BIH.

Contact by Carl Sandstrom 2011