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          The PolyBuilt team is a student run, extracurricular, academic-related organization within the BioResource and Agricultural Engineering Department. Each academic-year the team designs and builds a powerful tractor from the ground up, one-quarter the scale of a full size tractor. The objective of this tractor is to compete in the ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) International Quarter Scale Student Tractor Design Competition, held in Peoria, Illinois.  Since our first year of competition in 2000, we have relied on contributions from the college and the community.         

          Cal Poly’s unique learning experience is a result of its Learn by Doing mentality; the PolyBuilt Team has exemplified this methodology by giving students the opportunity to participate in design, fabrication, event coordination and leadership roles. Students that participate in the PolyBuilt Team gain valuable experience that puts them ahead of their peers when entering the professional workforce.

2013- 2014 PolyBuilt Quarter Scale Tractor Design Team