Conference appearences


  • “Nordic Model 2030 – Erosion or Renewal? Exchange on the Future of the Labour and Welfare Regimes in Europe” Berlin, Germany 
  • “Economic Strategies for Poland and the Region: Avoiding the Middle Income Trap” Warsaw, Poland
  • "Austerity, Solidarity and Supranational Policies in the European Union" - University of Verona, Italy

    "The Role of Debt and Asset Price Bubbles in the Greek Crisis" at the Annual conference of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy, Genova, Italy
  • "The Vienna Policy Conference" -  Open Society Think Tank Fund, Vienna, Austria
  • "Do wages correspond to economic fundamentals in the V!?" - Conference under the Auspices of the Czech Senate, Prague, Czech Republic
  • “Liberalisms and Anti-Liberalisms – Challenges and Alternatives” - Serbian Academy of Sciences, Belgrade
  • "In Search for a New Economic Agenda: Overcoming the Obstacles to Economic Development in Southeast Europe" - Institute of Economics, Zagreb, Croatia

  • "Social Democracy in Europe and the Concept of Good Society" University of Belgrade, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung 
  • "The Good Society Conference" - Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Berlin