Academic interests

  • The Varieties of Capitalism debate
 Is capitalism a unitary system? How many types of capitalisms are there? What differentiates them? What are Liberal Market Economies and what are Coordinated Market Economies? Are Central and Eastern European economies converging to any type?
  • The debate on the Future of the Europe
Is Europe a political or an economic project? Where should supranational competencies end? What policies should the member states undertake, and what policies the Union? Should integration be communitarian or intergovernmental?
  • Central and Eastern European development
Are Central and Eastern European economies catching up with the older EU states? If notm what is it that they need to do? Is there a tatra Tiger? Is the cohesion policy of the EU doing what it is supposed to do?
  • Development, Growth
What is behind famous economic headstarts, such as the Celtic Tiger, or Finland, Singapore? What are the cultural determinants of growth? What is the role of the state in catching up? Is the global economy becoming more even or more concentrated?