"And, could it be, we failed to notice god..." (B. Rhyzy)

Не потому ли бога проглядели,

что не узрели бога, между нами?

И право, никого он в самом деле

не вылечил, не накормил хлебами.

Какой-нибудь безумец и бродяга —

до пят свисала рваная дерюга,

качалось солнце, мутное, как брага,

и не было ни ангела, ни друга.

А если и была какая сила,

её изнанка — горечь и бессилье

от знанья, что конец всего — могила.

Не для того ли бога и убили,

чтобы вина одних была громадна,

а правота других была огромна.

…Подайте сотню нищему, и ладно,

и даже двести, если вам угодно.

And, could it be, we failed to notice god

because we didn’t look for god in people?

And, truth be told, in practice, he had not

cured anyone or broke bread with the feeble.

Perhaps a madman and a vagrant too –

his slacking sackcloth hung on him awry.

The sun was swaying, murky like the brew,

and not an angel or a friend nearby.

And if there was some power, it was paved

with bitterness and helplessness of will

from knowing that the ending - is a grave.

Is this then not the reason he was killed -

so that the guilt of some would be immense

and righteousness of others unconfined.

…Go place a hundred in the beggar’s hands

or even two, if you are so inclined.