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posted May 11, 2011, 10:04 AM by JackOLanternPress   [ updated Mar 9, 2013, 11:29 PM ]
From the notebooks of Peter Ritti, the following excerpt is from observations Ritti made of people in the places he visits:

"Come on out and bite, you faggots." 

The Gay Fisherman actually said this to the fish in the lake when he dropped his line in the water.

At the bait shack earlier this morning, the Gay Fisherman saw that Norm, the old man who normally helps him, was busy with another customer. A Kid Employee came to assist the Gay Fisherman. 

Now, the Gay Fisherman is not overtly gay. In other words, he's not flaming, as one would have it. Gay hides his sexuality quite well. But he couldn't help but admire the Kid Employee's uncanny good looks, his pleasant way, his charm. The Gay Fisherman took it all in. Wow, this kid was just his type. You could tell the way he stared and stared. When the Kid Employee asked how he could assist the Gay Fisherman, Gay said, "I don't talk to the help."

Then he got in line for Norm.