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I Thought I Told You

posted May 3, 2012, 9:28 AM by JackOLanternPress
WHAT?! Dad's having spinal cord surgery tomorrow and you didn't tell me?

I'm telling you now.

I called YOU, mom, just to say hello. It's almost 9 at night. The surgery is tomorrow morning at 7. What if I didn't call you right now? I'd never know dad was going into major surgery.

I thought I told you.

No, mom, you didn't tell me.

I coulda swore I told you.

You're really gonna stick with that story, mom?

I don't see why you're getting so furious, son. I'm your mother. And I really thought I told you.

Well, you didn't tell me, mom. In fact, next time I have surgery, I'm not gonna tell YOU. Then we'll see how furious YOU get. But I know how furious you'll get. You'll yell, "I'm your mother. Why didn't you tell me you lost your face and had to have reconstructive surgery, and that you lost your arm and a foot? How could you not tell me? I'm your mother!" And I'll ever so nonchalantly say, "Oh, yeah, my body's pretty destroyed, mom. You wouldn't even recognize me . . . I thought I told you."