You unlock this door with the key of your curiosity. Beyond the door is the WORLD'S MOST NONSENSICAL NONSENSE HUMOR SITE, where even nonsense seekers ask, "What the hell is this nonsense?" 

Here you'll find scraps of useless content that couldn't be used anywhere else; undesirables that didn't make the cut, characters that just, well, don't make much sense . . . and for good reason -- they just don't make much sense.

Stories, news briefs, bits and odd documents -- it's all here in The Dome Basket, where you'll discover Peter Ritti, our resident wordsmith who's eventually gonna get you to admit that his work REALLY sucks even if you honestly think it's good. Gwen Wiggley lives here -- she's always trying to buck the system. And speaking of "buck," we've got Buckley "Buck" Odom sharing the real estate with his bad luck and all. Local Atom keeps us on the edge of our seats with his Bag-O-Lies, and Miss Becky Blair, our resident sweet tooth, gobbles down more goodies than anyone, yet she stays thin as a whip. E-Girl Gale offers up the rules with no exception, Diner Dan offers up the meals with no protection. And the Dome Gnomes and Dome Things chew on the scenery. If that wasn't enough, we've got all types of People In Their Places and we've got Ultra Mega Super Box, the retail chain that carries big toilet paper at small prices. Of course, life wouldn't be complete here without a little entertainment. So there's Fun Mountain, the BIGGEST, most AMAZING, EXCITING theme park in the world! There's also the park's competition, Fun Hill, which is a low rent amusement park with bigger ideas but no resources. Fun Hill just can't seem to get their rides to work. And their visitors are always complaining about safety, which, seriously folks, isn't everything.

Yup, you're moving into one nonsensical place where anything and anyone is possible. 

Welcome. You just crossed over into . . . THE PICARELLA DOME TRASH BASKET.