A Helping Hand For Us. We are happy to provide this site with its free innovative music and lesson materials. It has been a joy and a pleasure to do so. You can imagine how much time, effort, and resources it takes to keep up the research, write and edit the music, and maintain this website. We will continue to provide all of these things to the best of our abilities, and free of any charges. This page is designed to show you an easy way to give us a helping hand, if you like.

Sheet Music Plus Website. Our music and lesson materials are for sale at very reasonable prices on the Sheet Music Plus website. These materials  are available on that site as pdf files, just as they are on this present site. If you obtain our music from the Sheet Music Plus site, they will provide us with a percentage of the proceeds - that will help support our work.

Convenient Source For Sheet Music. In addition to providing a world-wide market for our materials, they are one of the best sources that you will find for meeting your other sheet music needs. They have a vast inventory of all sheet music and are one of the largest suppliers of sheet music throughout the world. Using the link to the site below, you will probably find it convenient to obtain your sheet music needs from them. When we obtain music for ourselves and for our students that is notated in traditional notation, Sheet  Music Plus is where we buy it.

     Sheet Music Plus Music Teachers
Clicking on the above Sheet Music Plus link will take you to the Sheet Music Plus website. This link takes you directly to our Music Innovators Workshop page, where you will find our key map instructional materials, pieces, collections, and articles.
Finding Other Materials. That landing page is just a tiny part of the site where you will find our materials. When you are looking for other sheet music, you simply type your request into one of the search boxes - or click on one of the many links that you find on each page of that site.

Site Navigation. Some knowledge of  about how to navigate the vast Sheet Music Plus  site will make your visit to the site less challenging. When (using the above link!) you land on the page containing our Music Innovators Workshop materials, you will see a Sort by: option just above the first piece of music listed. Following "Sort by:", you will see a drop-down box with several choices. You will probably be best served by selecting the last option given: A-Z. This will sort all of the nearly 100 items on the page into alphabetical order by the name (or prefix) of the musical unit. Of course, you can select other sort options, depending on how you are planning to find the music that you are looking for. The titles and prefixes of the musical units are the same as they are on this present site.

Returning to our Music Innovators page. When looking around that site for other music you will, of course, leave our Music Innovators page. When you want to return to the Music Innovators page, you can use the site's search box located at the top of every main pageThe best way to get back of the Music Innovators page is to type in the search box: honeycutt. You could also type in: klavar. These are not the only ways to get back, but they are the easiest.

Shopping on the (SMP) Sheet Music Plus Site. At some time when you simply want to go shopping on the SMP site, you use the url:

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