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What You'll Find on This Site. This site provides free innovative learning materials and sheet music 
for playing the piano. It uses a graphic notation system (keyboard diagrams and maps) 
that is more user-friendly for keyboard players than traditional notation. 

Colored Piano Keyboard Showing the Seven Identical Octave Groups
That Provide the Visual Basis for Our Graphic Key Map Notation

Brief Description of Key Maps. Simply stated, key maps are actually maps that show you where (and when) to place your fingers on the keys to play them. The maps consist of notes placed on a musical staff made up of vertical lines standing for the black keys of the keyboard. These lines appear in groups of 5, in sync with the octave groups of 5 black keys on the keyboard. Notes placed on these lines are for playing the black keys. The spaces between the lines are the locations of the notes for the white keys.
Notes move down the staff, moving right and left in sync with the movements of the fingers on the keyboard. This is similar to a road map that shows you a trip from Chicago to Miami with a colored marker showing the path from one city to the next.  The notes show the lengths of the sounds (rhythm) as the notes proceed down the staff, which is acting as a timeline. The note's pitch is shown by the horizontal dimension of the key map display, and the sequence and rhythm are shown by the vertical dimension of the display. Both pitch and rhythm are shown true to scaleFor a few more examples of our key maps, click here:  Sampler 

For a detailed explanation of how key maps show the finger movements on a keyboard, click here: Introductory Lesson

For an in-depth discussions about key maps, click here: About Key Maps

About Our "Keyboard Diagrams." - Also on this site you will see keyboard diagrams. The keyboard diagrams are simplified versions of the key maps. The diagrams provide excellent preparation for playing from key maps and appear at the beginning of the instructional music provided on this site.You can view these diagrams in Intro to the Keyboard Diagrams." Also, mini versions of the diagrams are shown in the first 2 videos at the lower right.

For Teachers and Publishers - Although piano students and parents are welcome, the site is designed primarily for educators and publishers who might be interested in creating a simpler and less stressful learning environment for students wanting to play the keyboard. Our instructional materials focus on learning to play songs, piano pieces and exercises of easy to moderate difficulty from keyboard diagrams and maps BEFORE introducing students to traditional notation.

One of our main objectives is to provide piano teachers with learning materials and sheet music that they can use to help their students learn to play in a shorter period of time and with a minimum of stress. You will be able to view and download materials for a basic piano course (instructions, exercises and pieces) on the following page: Basic Keyboard Instruction

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SAMPLER - Samples of our music materials.

View, Print, Save. - How to view and obtain our attached materials.

About Key Maps - In depth discussions of the features and rationale for the key maps.

For Students. - Information for students and an introductory lesson for playing from key maps. There are several drop down links.

Binder Organizer - Covers and pages to help you organize the music that you download from this site in a binder.

Basic Keyboard Instruction Instructional materials and collections for a beginning keyboard course, based on key maps. THIS IS THE MAIN INSTRUCTIONAL SERIES ON THIS SITE. - These are materials for a full beginner's keyboard course.

Chord Instruction - Instructional materials and collections for an intermediate level course on playing from chords and chord symbols.

Individual Pieces - This is a fairly large group of pieces - mainly of piano classics. (We have notated several dozen modern songs and piano pieces for our students, but haven't yet sought permission to publish these pieces.)

Key Maps With Colored Rhythm - A large group of pieces and collections in which the rhythm is enhanced with color coding. Most of these pieces appear elsewhere on the site without rhythm color enhancement.

Hymnbook Collections - Leadsheet versions showing text, melody, and chords.

More Collections - These are in addition to the collections included in our instructional materials.
Merry Christmas! - Key map Christmas collections, and videos of our students playing Christmas music.

LSH-5 p28 - Silent Night--Alina-1311.mp4

RP - Beethoven-Moonlight - Jason 1405.mp4

RPx Unk-The Prayer--Vita-1405.mp4

PK-54 - Mary Had a Little Lamb - Julia 1403.mp4

RP - Beethoven-Moonlight - Sofiya 1303 ‎(1)‎.MOV

 This page includes videos by:
 Alina, Ben, Bryanna, Dima, Jason, Julia,
 Karina, Sofiya, Valerie, Vika and Vita 

Playing From a Keyboard Diagram - ONE Hand

Playing With TWO Hands

Visualizing the Octave Group Patterns

Some of our students performing at their lessons:

LS - Guaraldi-Linus and Lucy--Valerie-1306.mp4

PC-80 - Silent Night - Ben 1403

RP - Bach, CPE-Solfegietto - Bryanna 1306.mp4

LS We Wish You a Merry Christmas-- Karina's Interpretations 2013.mp4

LSH-3 - The Lily of the Valley - Dima 1412.mp4

LSH-4 - Heavenly Sunshine and Frozen - Vika 1406.mp4

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