Our Domains

We have two websites - this one is for our key diagrams and maps - and the other is for our Music Innovators Workshop (MIW). The MIW site provides a version of the grand staff, based on a timeline, that is easier to learn and read than the traditional music notation.

We have selected several domain names for promotional purposes. Here they are.

Domain Names
 that lead to the present site.

kmaps.com - Short version of "Keyboard MAPS."

truscaled.com - Short version of TRUeSCALED

klavarusa.com - Klavar or klavarscribo are names for a similar vertically oriented keyboard notation that has gained a following in Europe, especially the Netherlands and England. We consider key maps to be the American version (USA) of this vertical notation. This "klavarusa.com" is simply our way of inviting and welcoming those followers to make use of our key maps and instructional materials.


Domain Name
 that leads to our Music Innovator's Workshop site

musiciw.com - Short version of MUSIC Innovators Workshop