Creative Commons License

All materials in this website, including the website, are copyrighted by the Music Innovators Workshop LLC. All rights are reserved except those granted through the Creative Commons License. In our simple layman's terms - we want you to feel free to read, download, copy, and print the materials on this website. You are free to distribute these materials to your friends and others who may want them, but you cannot make commercial use of them. In other words, you cannot sell or lease any of these materials or grant anyone else the right to sell or lease them. If you distribute or use these materials in any way, you are obligated to give credit to their source - the Music Innovators Workshop LLC.  You are not free to alter or make derivative works from these materials without first getting permission from the copyright holder.

This explanation is not intended in any way to alter the terms of the Creative Commons License as explained in the Creative Commons website.  You can learn more about about the Creative Commons (CC) license at the Creative Commons website.

We will not knowingly publish without permission, any music owned by others. To the best of our knowledge, all music published on this web site is either owned by us or is in the public domain. The only exceptions to this limitation are very brief quotations in our instructional materials, which we consider to be permitted under the "fair use" doctrine.

In the near future, we very much hope to publish with permission key maps of contemporary music that is owned by others. We would be delighted to hear from composers and publishers who would like to see their music published as key maps.

If the owner of any copyrighted material believes that we have published their material without permission, we need to be informed in writing. If we find that the claim is valid, we will gladly remove the material from the site or seek permission to continue publishing it with proper acknowledgments.