Social Networking & Community

Note: Social Networking Sites i put "Most Active" near are the ones i Visit and are Active On The Most! 
Also Note: I'm using the Plus Symbol (+) to Indicate how often i Update Those Sites with New Work of mine! :)

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Google + 
"Most Active" + +
...Go here to connect with me on Google Plus!
Youtube - "Most Active" +
...Visit my Youtube site to see my Newest Creative Videos. Friend, Connect or Message me on there; and also - any Collaboration work "ideas" are welcome.

Writers Network - "Most Active" + + + +
...Go here to My Writers Network Site (which i have been publishing my Poetry, Thoughts & other Creative Writing on since 2004) to View My Latest Poetry, Etcetera... Today. You can even join and become a fan on there. Comment my poetry, message me, or share some of your poetry on there with the Great Online Community! :)
...Here is where we can all post and talk about our Interests with a very rewarding, responsive and active community! Be sure to be responsible when sharing on craigslist community and be sure to read their avoid scams & fraud page and their personal safety tips page.
...Go here to connect with me on Myspace.