China Alicia Rivera 
*Freelance Photo Editor *Photoshop Artist  *illustrative Artist *Graphic Designer
"Photoshopflair.com's Photo Editor & Artist"

China Alicia Rivera (Artist Statement) 

My inspiration for my Art is God and the the beauty 
of our world that he has set before us to take in like 
the sweet breath of life. To observe the Artistry of God's 
creation allows me to define my vision when it comes to 
my Artwork. I would have to say, "All of my Art work begins 
on the inner canvas of my spirit!" Everywhere else it is seen 
is just an after current of the tidal wave of imagery and 

creation that lies within us all. To be blessed with the ability to 
comprehensively manifest externally an inner vision is a gift 
within itself, and it is a gift that i am happy all Artists have. 
Whether Art be well defined and readily understood or irregular 
and misunderstood, any form of Art is and always will be an 
expression of the spirit and the secrets that lie within us all. 
Dreaming while asleep at night can sometimes seem irrelevant 

to some people in waking life once the dreamer is awake, but for 
me, the dreamworld is a great relative source of inspiration for 
many of my Artworks. My hope for my Art work is that it takes people 
somewhere in their hearts and minds when they look upon it; that it 
everlastingly allows people to escape from the normal and into a
different world. That it helps aid in allowing their spirit to fly free 
in body, mind and soul; the heart of imagery. By the "way" of my 

Art, allow me to facilitate in adding to your realms of 
imagination and inspiration for new things! Take a 
look at everything and please don't hesitate to 
inquire about anything that your heart 

Thank you.
-China Alicia Rivera